Potty Training Tips For Toddlers

by Adriana Vermillion

What do you do about potty training or where do you start ? A question many clients ask me.

Potty Training or Toilet Training can be a little hard, especially if you are in the early stage.

Bellow are some Tips I hope will make a difference in the process as you peruse this milestone.

1. Timing. Is it doable? What does it take for your toddler to be completely potty trained?

Toddlers tend to show interest in elimination somewhere else other than their diaper between 1½ and 2 years old. With girls it’s a different story since most are ready before boys are.
Don’t forget to consider family events and emotional readiness for you, as a parent when the decision to call it a change in your diapering comes.

2. Cold Turkey. Consider going cold turkey over a weekend or holiday when all is quiet at home. By going cold turkey I mean trowing all diapers away and no looking back.

3. Resources. Be a source of encouragement and empathy for your child. In my opinion, your child knows what to do and when, he just needs to figure out where and why. Keep your attitude and patience in check, your child needs to know it is safe to be himself. Games help to ease any situation. It is also important to remember that this is not about you, and it is simply a milestone your child needs to pass.

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Adriana Vermillion is the Founder and CEO of P.O.T.T."Y" Generation®, The Potty Whisperer™, a Lead Trainer and Parenting Coach with over sixteen years of experience in potty training special needs children and coaching parents. Adriana is a freelance writer, author and a frequent motivational speaker available for your event at www.adrianavermillion.com

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