Effective Communication with Children

At around twenty-four months language development takes off at such a high speed, especially as your child is getting ready to celebrate his second birthday. At this age children are able to logically understand more of what is said to them and have an increased desire to express themselves trough words and gestures.

By twenty-four months, most toddlers will say fifty words or more, use phrases, and are able to put together two to three word sentences.

Your child can understand much of what is communicated to him no matter when they say their first words, so attempting to potty train before twenty-four months is a good idea and for sure not a waste of time as some may want you to believe.

They take joy in the ability to understand direction, and keep an eye on your adorable child as he attempts to give some of his own.

Encouraging Language Development can also be great article to read as you search for ways to have fun with your toddler during potty training and otherwise in his development.

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