Tips On Toilet Training Children With Special Needs

Toilet Training Children With Autism

Toilet training children with Autism or special needs can be very challenging. It requires a level of guidance and patience on the adult’s part, and a level of motivation and cognition in the child.

We desire for the child with special needs to be accepted and loved by others, yet we need to remember that a child with special needs has a unique “inner landscape” and neuro-motor functioning, resulting in a different Theory of Mind (TOM), therefore he or she is on a different time table.

As a parent with a child who has special needs please keep in mind that toilet training can be done just as you would with any other child and at any age, however the longer you wait, the longer you use disposable diapers, and the longer you allow your child to get into a routine the harder it becomes to brake that mold.

This is an encouragement to you as a parent to make toilet training your preschoolers a priority in a sequential, organized, methodical, and consistent fashion.

I suggest you start as early as you can, and if possible work with a professional who can incorporate your child's daily routine into a potty training routine, one small fraction at the time not to disrupt your child’s inner landscape.  This will help your child understand and add to the landscape what is expected and also generalize what he/she learns to all environments he/she is exposed to such as home, school, play dates, and grandparent’s homes.

Adriana Vermillion works with any special needs family. Her unique approach to change, and training, helps the family to create a custom potty training plan, therefore, the child’s personality, daily lifestyle, and approach to change is taken in consideration resulting in a wonderful experience.

For the month of November we will look more in depth at special needs children and offer you some tips on how to start, train and if possible enjoy the toilet training season you may find yourself in.

What are some tips you can share with our special moms?

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