Recipes for Success

Introducing Recipes for Success - with these inspirational recipes you will be able to help your child form healthy bowel movements and getting them to pee like a pro in no time.

Sweet Potato Oatmeal Pancakes

Vegetarian, Gluten and Peanut Free


1 baked or canned sweet potato
2 eggs
1 cup oatmeal flour
1 Tablespoon of honey or sugar
1 Tbs of oil (olive oil, coconut oil, melted butter, gee, etc)
1 pinch of salt
Water if needed.


I grind my own oatmeal flour in my single serve smoothie cup blender (vitamix, ninja) and I like to add spices and raw seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, etc when I grind my oatmeal. A great way to add extra plant based protein for your child.

The How:

Gather all your ingredients.
Mix the potato, eggs, honey and salt to a smooth consistency. Add flour and any extra things you may like to add such as spices and seeds. Mix well and let it sit for 15 minutes. If the consistency is just right you can start using it by heating up a frying pan, otherwise mix some water to the consistency you would like to have. When the pan is ready add a pinch of oil to get you started; the oil in the batter will carry you till the end. Use a ladle to spoon in batter and have fun.

Why it’s good to offer your kids these pancakes during potty training and beyond.

Kids naturally eat very little and often go for the empty calories. This is a quick pancake you can make ahead and store it in the freezer. It’s full of nutrients and the much needed fiber and protein during this milestone.  It will make elimination a breeze.

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