Potty Training Tips

Patience Is a Virtue

Yes, children can drive you nuts

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Imagine being around a happy child who always listens to you, and does everything to make you happy. I think it would be a little weird. After all we are meant to guide these little beings in the way they should go and not treat them like soon to be adults.

Life as a parent is actually much more simpler than we make it to be.

Without the media’s influence, our friend and our personal agenda guilt tripping us, I think we may come to that near perfection. We would play all day, rest with our children and do house chores … you guessed well… with our children. Keep dreaming … real life is a bit different. I agree!

Children can be delightful, cute, funny, inspiring, and infinitely lovable...which makes it hard when we finally take in account how we feel (tired, upset, angry, etc).

So from one who’s been there, counseled hundreds of guilt-ridden, 'at the end of their rope parents, and had to learn to be more patient, here are some tips to help you parent your child with more patients during potty training or otherwise:

1) Give yourself a break

2) Count to ten and start again

3) Be patient with yourself

4) See the bigger picture

5) Rehearse being more patient

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