Daily Potty Training Tips from The Potty Whisperer

Sure, potty training is a major milestone for all children. Did you know it could be one of the most stressful for Mom and Dad?
The Potty Whisperer can help with tips and ‘some’ tricks since potty training doesn't have to be all that stressful!
Adriana Vermillion works with parents whose little ones graduate to the big girl/boy transition. She will offer her best suggestions on how to ditch the diapers and stay sane in the process. Follow her posts and learn how to get through the messy days one day at the time with The Potty Whisperer.

Comment on each post and share her tips on your favorite social media with hashtag - #pottywhisperer to be entered for a daily drawing. Winners will receive her ebook and 1 hour over the phone of 101 training and coaching valued at $200+.

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