Potty Training Outside The Home

By Adriana Vermillion

The words potty training alone can give some parents shivers or instant headaches, but what do you do when you make great progress at home over the weekend and your child is back in school or daycare on Monday?

The short answer? You prepare.

Bellow I would like to go over a few ways you can prepare for toilet training while your child is outside the home.


Children are fond of familiar places and things, and potties that look and feel different along with caregivers who may use a new approach or words to address the training may trow the kids off course.

Communication is key and while potty training outside the home may require special handling, and if you leave your child in the care of others either daily or once in a while I suggest you offer basic or detailed instruction regarding your child's progress, lingo used and how you want things done, however keep in mind that your child's care taker has her own personality and wisdom to offer.
Planning the potty training journey with her may save you a few headaches or misunderstandings.

When you travel for an hour or more with your child or go on a family trip plan well by packing enough changing clothes, my rule of thumb for the early stages is three changes per hour if you go cold turkey or one change of clothes per hour if you use a pull up. Don't forget a familiar or travel potty along with a water bottle or sippy cup.

All in all remember it's a journey and your child should feel comfortable, happy and ready to embrace the next adventure without fear or remorse.

A child raised in a home that accepts him for who he is, at the level that he is at can have an easier time so be sure as a parent to encourage your child, use every accident as a blessing and opportunity to teach him where the pee or poop goes and why and most importantly have fun, it's a milestone not a curse.

What are some tips you can share with our reader from your potty training journey and especially outside the home?

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Adriana Vermillion is the Founder and CEO of P.O.T.T."Y" Generation®, The Potty Whisperer™, a Lead Trainer and Parenting Coach with over sixteen years of experience in potty training special needs children and coaching parents. Adriana is an Author, Freelance Writer, and a frequent Motivational Speaker available for your event at www.adrianavermillion.com

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