Potty Training - How ready are you?

by Adriana Vermillion

An end to changing diapers 

Is potty training a milestone? 
That is to be seen since to most parents it means the end of poopy diapers.

Very few parents are prepared to actually help their child master the art of using the restroom, especially with promises like “potty train your child in 24 hours” or “potty train your child in one weekend”, I say help because just like learning how to eat and master a fork, learning how to sleep through the night and of course learning how to share or say thank you, it takes time and a willing parent who is patient. 
Yes, potty training is a milestone. Like anything else, a child needs time to learn and make this training part of his lifestyle.

On the more realistic side of potty training, of course, some children may master it within a few days, however some may need to take their time for several months.

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