Toilet Training in no time!

How long does it take to toilet train?
A child is considered toilet-trained when he or she knows that it is time to go to the bathroom and is able to climb onto and use the toilet with little help. In a study of children who started training between 22 and 30 months of age, boys were fully trained at an average age of 38 months, while girls were trained slightly earlier, around 36 months.
Your child will likely need help with wiping after a bowel movement until age 4 or 5. He or she may also need extra help in unfamiliar bathrooms, such as public restrooms, until about age 5 or 6.

What if my child resists?

If your child resists using the toilet, he or she probably isn't ready to start in that mindset. In about seventy hours we can help you and your family start on the right foot, and this is a requirement in order to use our service. Sometimes toilet training disruptions or delays are caused by stress or major changes in routine. Also, a child who is doing well with toilet training may suddenly have difficulty for no obvious reason. This is a normal part of toilet training. It is best to work with us during this time instead of just quitting, the child need consistency.
Your child's toilet training experience needs to be positive. If it becomes a struggle or a battle of wills, it is best to let us help you ease up for a while. Although you may be ready for toilet training, your child may not be and that is what we do, we help your child be ready.

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