Potty training: get the job done

Potty training is a major milestone

Potty training is a big step for kids and parents too. The secret to success? Consistency and Patience of course if you know what you are doing, but of you don’t you may need more patience.
Is it time?

Potty-training success hinges on many factors like physical, emotional readiness, deadlines for school and of course parent’s desire to ditch the diapers not a specific age. Many kids naturally show interest in potty training by age 2 because they can now verbalize and may also be exposed to other kids who are potty trained, but others might not be ready until age 2 1/2 or even older — and there's no rush if you are in America where some diaper brands push their products with specials, coupons and more, but think about the day your child needs to go to school or that diaper rash. Some pediatricians suggest that if you start potty training too early, it might take longer to train your child, however it will be done and forgotten, but the longer you wait the harder it is to potty train because now you are dealing with a child’s own will.
Is your child ready? Are you ready?

Call us to find out. You may be surprised.